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A writer on a mission 

Thomas DeSanto delights in observing people, places and nearly everything else. The idiosyncrasies and details of life are the playthings of an unbridled imagination. 

Most of all, he believes that understanding and loving others is the balm for a wounded society. This belief led him to write Boxes, a page-turning mystery novel with the underlying purpose of addressing social issues by sparking conversation around how they impact our lives and relationships.

Thomas lives in Pasadena, California (by way of Philly), with his lifelong wife and charming rescue pup. Their two grown children, quick of mind and tongue, are deeply loved. 

As a former creative director, the author also dabbles in art, music, and acting. Applying the same skills he uses to bring characters to life in his writing, he sometimes appears in minor roles or as a background actor on television, online, or in films.  

Three Classic American Novels inspired the storyline in Boxes

The Catcher in the Rye and Rabbit, Run are profound commentaries on the powerful yearning to find one's place in society and relationships. Catch Me If You Can is a masterful compilation of techniques used to avoid capture.





All three inspired the plot, but Boxes is very different. The protagonist's plight is neither a coming-of-age story, nor a downward spiral. Instead, his desperate escape and its aftermath culminate in redemption for him, those closest to him, and others caught up in the chase.

Boxes-The Trappings of Society and Relationships  ©2020 Thomas DeSanto

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