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Technology has changed exponentially.
The human condition has not. 

Photo: Thomas DeSanto

Boxes is set in Philadelphia in 1998. It's a fast-moving mystery that features a spectrum of colorful characters who battle the same vexing challenges we face today.

The first draft of Boxes began in 1986 and the final draft was completed in 2020. Over those years, Boxes matured to greater sagacity inspired by life experiences.

The messages in Boxes are as pertinent now as when its first words appeared on the black & white screen of a Macintosh SE. Since then, American society has not made much progress on the destructive social issues that impact our lives and the relationships we treasure.

Philadelphia Italian Market, setting for Boxes, amystery story and social commentary rolled up into an uplifting novel
Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 3.03.37 PM.png
Independence Hall Philadelphia represents freedom in contrast to how Philly residents are trapped by social injustice, as explored in the novel Boxes.

Photo: Thomas DeSanto

Philadelphia is much like the characters in Boxes. It's trapped in boxes built by racist social dynamics that continue to limit the potential of many residents.

North Philadelphia blight contrasts with the wealth and promise of freedom in Philadelphia, an issue explored in the novel Boxes

Photo: Michael T. Regan

"DeSanto's briskly told story has vivid elements of family drama and mystery, snappy dialogue, and a variety of interconnected plot points."     – Kirkus Review

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