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Q. Why did you write Boxes?


A. I have always been disturbed by the unresolved social issues in American society that continue to plague us. Boxes explores those issues in an inviting, uplifting fiction novel that will be read and discussed. 

Q. What does the title mean?

A. The answer is two fold. The major title "Boxes" describes how societal norms can place us in boxes that confine us and limit our personal fulfillment. The secondary title "The Trappings of Society and Relationships" alludes to how being boxed in impacts our relationships and lives.

What was he thinking?

Ask the author. He'll post an answer and notify you by email if you'd like.

Thanks for asking. Be back to you soon.

The Newest Question

Q. Is the bank visited by Angelica modeled after the real one at 10th & Fitzwater? 

A. Yes. Very perceptive of you to notice.

Boxes-The Trappings of Society and Relationships ©2020 Thomas DeSanto 

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