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"Truly enjoyed the rich character development and complexity of the travails of a great mix of characters. Story development was second to none as there were twists and turns."

Kerry Ann O.

"Parts of your novel remind me of the Bourne films with their details about fleeing the authorities. I couldn't put it down--wanted to know how it ended. "

Meryl A.

Favorite Character: Raymond

"The novel's themes interweave without distraction. Many issues facing us today are addressed throughout. Great read!"

Larry D.

Favorite Character: Bella

"I enjoyed reading this book.
The characters are distinctive, realistic, and each is uniquely flawed. Lots of serious themes and a fun read, too."

Jane E.

Reader's Ratings

Actual feedback from real readers. Thanks! 

Not everyone gives a star rating or favorite character. You don't have to either.

Favorite Character: Dante

"Enjoyed the very clever plot twists, puns, pop music riffs, dialogs, ingenious paybacks, analyses of relationships."

Maurice S.

"You have a fine sense of metaphor, a gift for the pacing of plot (this is especially hard to achieve), and some well-drawn, sharp characterizations."

Anne S.

Favorite Character: Everyone

"Your writing brings the characters to life. I feel that I know them personally. They stay with me long after I am done reading."

Anne R.

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